Filmforum, Germany 2021, 16 Min., no dialogue

At the outskirts of high-rise, low-income housing. Mira just wants to chill in the skatepark with her friends, but she’s responsible for her little sister. Her mother is gone and her father, whom she adores, has to work. Every day, she tries unsuccessfully to get his attention. Mira dreams of care-free freedom and goes in search of herself.

Director Roni Zorina

Screenplay Roni Zorina

Producer Roni Zorina

Cast Giolina Ardente (Mira), Lyn Zink (Vanya), Patrik Gast (Dad Lew), Anton Faber (Junge), Enver Koca (Junge), Lo Rivera (Mama), Mikke Höver (Baby), Ponny Dystakul (Nachbarin)

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