Das starke Geschlecht

Das starke GeschlechtThe Strong Sex

Filmforum, Germany 2021, 102 Min., ger. OV, engl. st

“If almost every woman around me has already experienced sexual harassment or violence, what does this say about my male friends and myself?” For Jonas Rothlaender, that question was the starting point of a cinematic study of the current perceptions of masculinity and male sexuality. It is a film about stereotypes and expectations, dominance and self-image, insecurity and desire – and, always, about power. Testimonials and over 40 anonymous conversations have been incorporated into the film. The men who speak in front of the camera read and respond to selected passages from them, commenting upon and explaining their own behaviour with remarkable openness. What does masculinity mean to them? How do social conventions and the perceptions of others influence their self-image? When does the use of power turn into assault? The film offers a complex and multi-layered insight into controversial topics that invites further discussion.

Director Jonas Rothlaender

Screenplay Jonas Rothlaender

Producer Luis Singer, Dennis Schanz

Production Company StickUp Filmproduktion, Hohenzollerndamm 17, 10717 Berlin, Mail: info@stickup-films.de, Web: www.stickup-films.de

Distributor missingFILMs, Boxhagener Straße 18, 10245 Berlin, Mail: verleih@missingfilms.de, Web: www.missingfilms.de


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