Tusen bitar

Tusen bitarA Thousand Pieces

Retrospective, Sweden / Norway 2014, 100 Min., sw., span. OV, engl. st

In 2013, director Marianne Lindberg De Geer staged a play about her deceased partner Björn Afzelius (1947 – 1999). That was the jumping off point for this cinematic inquiry into the life and work of the Swedish singer-songwriter, who was as celebrated as he was controversial. The man who had his biggest hit in 1990 with “Tusen bitar” was a musical legend in Sweden during his lifetime. A protest singer, political activist, and unreconstructed romantic, he donated his performance fees to Latin American freedom movements. But behind the committed militant was an introverted and insecure man, marked by his mother’s suicide at a young age. He found peace in Italy’s Liguria, where he would withdraw with his two daughters. But Björn Afzelius was not really suited to family life … Interviews with colleagues, including his bandmate from the Hoola Bandoola Band, Mikael Wiehe, concert footage, and home movies create a complex portrait of this mercurial spirit, making this documentary a deeply moving account of his life.

Director Stefan Berg, Magnus Gertten

Screenplay Magnus Gertten, Stefan Berg

Producer Lennart Ström, Magnus Gertten, Dag Hoel

Cast Mikael Wiehe, Peter Clemmedsen, Marianne Lindberg De Geer, Tommy Rander, Per Melin


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