Rolling Like A Stone

Rolling Like A Stone

Retrospective, Sweden 2005, 65 Min., sw., engl. OV, engl. st

It all began with a short amateur film. Shot in 1965 at an after-party in Malmö, we see young people enjoying the golden age of pop. Among them are some famous faces – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones. They are surrounded by local pop musicians from Malmö, including members of the bands Namelosers and Gonks. This documentary picks up the threads of that post-concert celebration forty years later. Directors Magnus Gertten and Stefan Berg tracked down some of the Swedish musicians and fans caught on film. They asked them about their memories of that era, whether their lives turned out as they had hoped in 1965, and what role 1960s pop music still plays for them. A compelling film experiment about the difficulties of ageing with our dreams, and how hard it is to live for the present.

Director Stefan Berg, Magnus Gertten

Screenplay Stefan Berg, Magnus Gertten

Producer Nilla Dahl, Stefan Berg, Magnus Gertten

Production Company Auto Images AB, Monbijougatan 17e, 21153 Malmö, Mail:, Web:

Cast Tommy Hansson, Ola Ström, Kerstin Malmström-Bengtsson


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