Vallfarten till KevlaarDie Wallfahrt nach Kevlaar / The Pilgrimage to Kevlaar

Retrospective, Sweden 1921, 59 Min., sw. it

This exquisitely-restored silent melodrama tells the story of a pilgrimage undertaken in vain. Despite his journey upon the sacred path, the young protagonist dies of a broken heart … Drawing on the eponymous poem by Heinrich Heine (1824), this elaborate Swedish production follows a young man’s journey from Cologne to the Virgin Mary pilgrimage site at Kevelaer, taking viewers to original locations in the Rhineland along the way. Instead of dialogue or exposition, the intertitles feature lines from Heine’s poem. “Of course, one can ask whether it is really appropriate to use Heine’s nuanced poem as the basis for a cinematic portrayal at all. But his adaptation should be regarded as an experiment, and we must unquestionably recognise that the director is capable of depicting the intimacy, beauty, and devotion that Heine’s poems convey.” (Swedish critic, 1921.) – Screening in St Jakobi church with musical accompaniment by the students of Lübeck’s University of Music under the baton of Prof. Franz Danksagmüller.

Director Ivan Hedquist

Screenplay Ragnar Hyltén-Cavallius, nach dem Gedicht von Heinrich Heine

Production Company SF Studios AB Svensk Filmindustri, Sveavägen 56, 11134 Stockholm, Mail:, Web:

Festival Contact Swedish Film Institute, Borgvaegen 1-5, 10525 Stockholm, Mail:, Web:

Cast Torsten Bergström (Jüngling), Concordia Selander (Mutter), Jessie Wessel (Madonna), Renée Björling (Gretchen), Manda Björling (Gretchens Mutter)

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