Retrospective, Estonia 1982, 80 Min., eston. OV, engl. st

Two men, two different worlds. Toomas is a famous rock star; Mati is a rallye driver, nearly faceless behind his crash helmet. It takes the eagle eye of journalist Tiina to realise that the two men look so alike, they could be identical twins. But barely has she published this sensational news on the front page before she ends up in hot water. In the end, Tiina has to choose between two admirers, a tough decision – the rock star or the rallye driver? This song-driven comedy of errors was a successful vehicle for Jaak Joala (1950 – 2014), Estonia’s most beloved pop star, who charmed his screen partner Merle Talvik in his double role as Toomas/Mati. Sometimes called “the Kremlin nightingale” because he often performed and recorded in Russia, he was also described as “Estonia’s Marius Müller-Westernhagen”, presenting a double musical threat. Produced for television over a summer in Tallinn (with additional music recorded in the autumn), the film was also released theatrically in Estonia.

Director Leo Karpin

Screenplay Boriss Purgalin

Producer Aino Paemurd

Cast Jaak Joala (Toomas Aring, Mati Uibo), Merle Talvik (Tiina Salum, Heli Paal), Robert Gutman (Trainer), Jüri Krjukov (Beamter)


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