Ahvatluste tund

Ahvatluste tundThe Hour of Temptations

Retrospective, Estonia 1970, 29 Min., no dialogue

A devil who feels his erotic talents are underutilised discovers a beautiful blond in an Estonian disco. He abducts her and brings her to a hell equipped with all mod-cons. There he attempts to beguile her with colourful beverages and a lively potpourri of pop music clips presented on his flatscreen TV … A hit parade amidst fabulous set design, with no dialogue, but plenty of sympathy for the devil.

Director Elmo Lööve

Screenplay Andres Vihalem

Producer Johannes Tilk

Cast Peeter Jakobi (Teufel), Marika Lenk (Frau), Toivo Arnover (Jüngling)

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