Ziemassvetki dzunglos

Ziemassvetki dzunglosWeihnachten im Dschungel / Christmas in the Jungle

Children´s and Youth Films, Latvia / Estonia / Slovenia 2020, 90 Min., latv., eston., indon., engl. OV, engl. st, ger. voice over, 8 years and older

Grasshopper lollypops instead of gingerbread, palms instead of Christmas trees. Paula’s family has moved from Latvia to tropical southeast Asia, where her father has work. It’s all exciting, not to mention new, but somehow the usual Christmas spirit is missing. It’s not just the outside climate, within the family, the air is so thick, you could cut it with a knife. All the more reason why Paula longs for a Christmas celebration that brings back the homey feelings of yesteryear. For her new friend Akhim, Christmas is completely unknown. But he raves about the nearby jungle, with its animals and spirits, which gets the two of them thinking – maybe they could track down a shaman there who could help Paula. A Christmas shaman? Without further ado, and without their parents’ knowledge, the two kids set off into the jungle. As they wend their way to the mysterious man, there are many surprises and encounters. And the unfamiliar surroundings of the humid undergrowth shed a whole new light on familiar things.

Director Jaak Kilmi

Screenplay Lote Eglite

Producer Dominiks Jarmakovics, Evelin Penttijä, Roberts Vinovskis

Production Company Locomotive Productions, Bruņinieku iela 28 – 57, 1011 Riga, Mail: office@locomotive.lv, Web: www.locomotive.lv

World Sales Eyewell AB, Upplandsgatan 69, 11328 Stockholm, Mail: info@eyewell.se, Web: www.eyewell.se

Cast Rebeka Suksta (Paula), Brydden Fablo Escobar (Akhim), Maris Olte (Vater), Inga Alsina (Mutter), Pääru Oja (Andreas), Tõnu Kark (Weihnachtsschamane)


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