Children´s and Youth Films, Iceland 2021, 85 Min., icel. OV, engl. st, ger. voice over, 10 years and older

Although Birta’s mother seems to be working all the time, there’s just never enough money to make ends meet. For new sneakers, for instance, that Birta, the star of the handball team, desperately needs. And then Birta overhears her mother on the phone saying that she doesn’t know how she’s going to afford a proper Christmas celebration. So Birta makes a plan: she will get the money herself and save Christmas. But how does a person earn 100,000 krona, particularly when said person is just eleven years old? Fortunately, she’s not alone. While her little sister Kata can sometimes be annoying, when push comes to shove the two of them stick together like glue. The neighbour boy Kim and old Gréta also have a few ideas of their own, some of which are quite adventurous, but nothing really goes according to plan. Aside from which, what exactly is the connection between money and happiness? It’s not an easy question. This is a film that faces life’s smaller and larger adversities as fearlessly as its strong-willed hero.

Director Bragi Þór Hinriksson

Screenplay Helga Arnardóttir

Producer Bragi Þór Hinriksson, Helga Arnardóttir

Production Company H.M.S. Productions ehf.

World Sales Studio Hamburg GmbH, Jenfelder Allee 80, 22039 Hamburg, Mail:, Web:

Cast Kristín Erla Pétursdóttir (Birta), Margrét Júlía Reynisdóttir (Kata), Salka Sól Eyfeld (Mutter), Bjarni Snæbjörnsson (Bjarki)

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