EnsilumiDer erste Schnee / Any Day Now

Children´s and Youth Films, Finland 2020, 82 Min., fin., farsi OV, engl. st, ger. voice over, 10 years and older

Outside are fragrant flower gardens tended by a friendly elderly couple, sweeping coniferous forests steaming from the recent rain, and cliffs from which you can jump into a clear, sparkling lake. Inside 13-year-old Ramin lives with his family in a Finnish refugee shelter. There’s not much space, but enough for laughter and tenderness. There are celebrations and quarrels, and sometimes families move out because they’ve been granted permission to stay in the country. Outside are things that preoccupy you during puberty – excitement about a new school, the first parties, and the question of how to actually talk to girls. But awaiting Ramin inside is the notification that the family’s application for asylum has been rejected, which he must translate for his parents. In his debut narrative feature, Hamy Ramezan grapples with his own experiences as a refugee. It recounts the fragility of everyday life with a dark cloud hanging over it, and paints a sensitive portrait of the Mehdipour family and their struggle for a life in safety.

Director Hamy Ramezan

Screenplay Hamy Ramezan, Antti Rautava

Producer Jussi Rantamäki, Emilia Haukka

Production Company Aamu Film Company Ltd / Elokuvayhtiö Oy Aamu Ab, Hiihtomäentie 34, 00800 Helsinki, Mail: info@aamufilmcompany.fi, Web: www.aamufilmcompany.fi

World Sales New Europe Film Sales, Czerniakowska 73/79, 00-718 Warschau, Mail: festivals@neweuropefilmsales.com, Web: www.neweuropefilmsales.com

Cast Aran-Sina Keshvari (Ramin), Shahab Hosseini (Bahman), Shabnam Ghorbani (Mahtab), Kimiya Eskandari (Donya), Vilho Rönkkönen (Jigi), Laura Birn (Lehrerin), Eero Melasniemi (Onni Elomaa), Kristiina Halkola (Helena Elomaa)


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