Hüvasti, NSVL

Hüvasti, NSVLGoodbye Soviet Union

Children´s and Youth Films, Estonia / Finland 2020, 86 Min., eston., ingrian, russ. OV, engl. st, 14 years and older

Even Johannes’ birth is peculiar: in the large delivery room, the nurse tells his mother that, in the Soviet Union, women give birth in silence. The young woman attracts attention in other ways as well – colourful hair, nary a care for rules and authority. Times are challenging. After an incident in the “paint factory” in the secret city of Leningrad 3, Johannes’s hair falls out. The family, which belongs to a Finnish-speaking minority, moves to Estonia. His mother tries to earn money in the West; packages of sweets and bananas arrive. And while Johannes is struggling to maintain his friendship with the girl with whom he shared an incubator, Estonia feels the first stirring of the independence movement that will turn neighbours into enemies. There is rumbling around the world, and it doesn’t stop at the doors of kids’ rooms. Lauri Randla’s autobiographically inspired satire colourfully faces the grey everyday life in the final years of the Soviet Union and takes a look at that historic moment through young eyes.

Director Lauri Randla

Screenplay Lauri Randla

Producer Misha Jaari, Mark Lwoff, Peeter Urbla

Production Company Exitfilm OÜ, Madala 1, 10313 Tallinn, Mail: exitfilm@exitfilm.ee, Web: www.exitfilm.ee

World Sales One Eyed Films , 11 Ellerslie Road, W12 7BN London, Mail: info@oneeyedfilms.com, Web: www.oneeyedfilms.com

Cast Niklas Kouzmitchev (Johannes), Dima Bespalov (Gena), Elene Baratashvili (Vera), Ülle Kaljuste (Großmutter), Luule Komissarov (Doktor), Sten Karpov (Tamerlan), Tõnu Oja (Großvater), Nika Savolainen (Johannes' Mutter)


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