ÖölapsedKids of the Night

Children´s and Youth Films, Estonia 2021, 101 Min., eston. OV, engl. st, 15 years and older

Karin is successful in her career and is aiming higher, but how far should she go to satisfy her sleazy boss? Liis has just finished school and has a place at university in the U.S., but what does that mean for the future with her boyfriend? Youngest sibling Jane knows what the party-hungry people around her expect, but what does she really want? In this lively comedy of errors, Priit Pääsuke follows these three sisters as they cross paths during one wild night in Tallinn. Garish neon highlights fall on the three young women who are becoming themselves. A portrait emerges from between the big plans and little adversities, longings and fears of these three different sisters, a portrait of a generation of young Estonian women, as well as a sense of life between childhood and the challenges of life as a grown-up. At the break of dawn, back at the threshold of their family home, the sky isn’t the only thing that begins to clear.

Director Priit Pääsuke

Screenplay Ewert Kiwi, Mart Raun

Producer Marianne Ostrat

Production Company Alexandra Film, Tuvi 16-3, 10119 Tallinn

Cast Grete Konksi (Liis), Alice Siil (Jane), Piret Krumm (Karin)

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