Ellens Ark

Ellens ArkEllens Papier / Ellen's Ark

Children´s and Youth Films, Denmark 2021, 14 Min., no dialogue, 6 years and older

Ellen’s brother suddenly fell to floor, his death utterly unexpected. They were just playing spaceship together. And now her thoughts are drifting wildly through space. Her parents also seem completely changed somehow. How do you get your feet back on the ground? “Ellen’s Ark” is a clear, straightforward film that deals sensitively with a grieving process that is anything but straightforward.

Director Lowe Haak

Screenplay Rebecca Bach-Lauritsen

Producer Thomas Borch Nielsen

Production Company Nice Ninja Aps, Ingerslevsgade 120, 3th., 1705 Kopenhagen, Mail: info@niceninja.com, Web: www.niceninja.com

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