Children´s and Youth Films, Denmark 2021, 23 Min., dan. OV, engl. st, 16 years and older

Pronouncements come easy for Pernille and her girlfriends. Sex? No big deal. But when she hears the rumours that are being spread about her, Pernille gets angry. After all, she has a reputation to protect. The other two fuel the flames of her anger. That night, there’s a confrontation at a party, and what happens are the sort of things that cannot be undone.

Director Kristian Håskjold

Screenplay Malthe Jagd Miehe-Renard

Producer Andreas Bak

Production Company Zentropa, Filmbyen 22 , 2650 Hvidovre, Mail:, Web:

Cast Frieda Joanna Krøgholt (Pernille), Ezgi Benli (Zarif), Mathilde Arcel Fock (Tanne), August Carter (Anton), Maria Rich (Pernilles Mutter)

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