Man med duvor

Man med duvorMan with Doves

Nordic Shorts, Sweden 2021, 14 Min., fr., it. OV, engl. st

A figure straight out of a novel by Victor Hugo. Each day, the hunchback emerges from the depths of the metropolis to perform a ritual of vivid and bizarre beauty in the shadow of the Centre Pompidou. The man is filthy and eccentric and insults the police officers who try to get him to move on. But he is also a tender and devoted magician with the power to unleash a storm of doves.

Director Lina Maria Mannheimer

Screenplay Lina Maria Mannheimer

Producer Lina Maria Mannheimer

Production Company Lina Mannheimer Produktion AB, Bögatan 3b, 412 72 Göteborg, Mail:

Cast Giuseppe Belvedere


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