Utan er

Utan erOur Land

Nordic Shorts, Sweden 2020, 13 Min., sw., swahili OV, engl. st

The refugees Idris and Kojo live a secluded life in the Swedish forest. A location where memories, dreams, and desires flow seamlessly together. When they befriend the boy Stellan, their retreat is endangered. "Our Land" orchestrates a precarious feeling of home within diaspora. Desperately melancholic, the voiceovers provide contrast to the intoxicating poetry of the images.

Director Jean-Luc Mwepu

Screenplay Jean-Luc Mwepu

Producer Jean-Luc Mwepu, Julia Sixtensson

Production Company Roza Roza, Web: www.rozarozafilm.com

Cast Quentin Donell (Idris), Patrice Mei (Kojo), Tim Svensson (Stellan), Daniel Larsson (Vater)

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