Nordic Shorts, Finland 2020, 4 Min., north-sami OV, engl. st

She lies restlessly in the grave she herself has dug. Since she has a permit to dig in the city park, there is nothing wrong about that. The tennis players in the brightly lit hall next door have just fallen victim to covid, which appears as a little boy with a baseball cap and oversized headphones. Whether Spanish flu or coronavirus, whether 1918 or 2020, viruses and death can be outwitted.

Director Marja Helander

Screenplay Marja Helander

Producer Marja Helander

Production Company Marja Helander, Mechelininkatu 47 A 25, 00250 Helsinki, Mail:, Web:

Festival Contact AV-ARKKIThe Centre for Finnish Media Art, Tallberginkatu 1 C 76, 00180 Helsinki, Web:

Cast Marja Helander, Aslak Paltto, Esa Illi, Pia Andell, Niiles-Ánde Harlin

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