Det er i jorden

Det er i jordenIn the Soil

Nordic Shorts, Denmark 2021, 14 Min., dan. OV, engl. st

A lonely house by the sea. In the garden, the father starts to dig a hole. He asks his daughter to help. A silent life-and-death struggle begins, full of foreshadowing and dark premonitions. The spot-on sound design and the grimy, earth-toned aesthetics of the horror films of the '70s create an inescapable undertow that sucks the characters deeper and deeper downwards into this nightmarish world.

Director Casper Kjeldsen

Screenplay Casper Kjeldsen

Producer Sofie Odgaard

Production Company Snowglobe ApS, Refshalevej 157 A - Stuen, 1432 Copenhagen K, Mail:, Web:

World Sales Lights On Torino, Mail:, Web:

Cast Sandra Guldberg Kampp (Karoline), Thomas Guldberg Madsen (Kjeld)


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