GABI, 8 till 13 år

GABI, 8 till 13 årGABI, between ages 8 and 13

Competition Documentaries, Sweden 2021, 77 Min., engl., sw. OV, engl. st

Welcome to the wonderful world of Gabriella – Gabi for short – who does not see why there should be a difference between girls’ stuff and boys’ stuff; “Raise girls and boys the same way” is written on her t-shirt. She never wears dresses, not even to her mother’s wedding; in her own inimical style, she wears multicoloured shorts with a light blue suit jacket. This documentary follows Gabi during the last five years of her childhood, a time of life when everything is pure possibility, and the borders are fluid between reality and fantasy, and rigid gender roles. But when the family moves from Stockholm to a small town and Gabi begins to grow up, the pressure to conform increases. Intelligent and self-reflective, Gabi talks about her thoughts and feelings, and the camera always sees eye-to-eye with her. In bright, soft colours, the film paints a portrait of a strong-willed protagonist, who, as in a time capsule, makes a promise to her future self – to always remain true to whatever form that future self might take.

Director Engeli Broberg

Screenplay Engeli Broberg

Producer Anna J. Ljungmark, Jakob Eklund

Production Company house of real, Rosenborgshus, Aabenraa 29, 2 sal, 1124 Kopenhagen, Web:

Cast Gabriella Fletcher, Tracy Fletcher, Thomas Tjärnberg, Ike Fletcher Tjärnberg, Ted Fletcher Tjärnberg


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