SkyggebarnHe's My Brother

Competition Documentaries, Denmark / Norway 2021, 78 Min., dan. OV, engl. st

Peter was born prematurely without the ability to see or hear. His only sensory connection to the outside world is through smell, taste, and touch. Director Cille Hannibal presents scenes from the past and the present of a family’s fragile daily routine, in which moments of happiness alternate with Peter’s ominous outbreaks of rage. The family’s life is a roller coaster. Who will take care of Peter when his parents die? His sister Christine is torn between her desire for a life of her own, and her feelings of responsibility for her brother. Her thoughts are often consumed with the issue of spending your life taking care of someone else. At the same time, the film succeeds in making Peter’s special way of experiencing things real, prodding us to re-consider sight. Inconspicuous particles of the visible world become sensory vehicles of perception and cognition – veritable haptic cinema, and an observation of being touched in its purest form.

Director Cille Hannibal, Christine Hanberg

Producer Monica Hellström

Production Company Final Cut for Real Aps, Forbindelsesvej 7, 2100 Kopenhagen, Mail:, Web:

World Sales Cinephil, 18 Levontin Street, 6511207 Tel Aviv, Mail:, Web:


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