Competition Documentaries, Denmark / France / Sweden / Norway / The Netherlands 2021, 83 Min., OV, engl. st

Amin is a successful academic on the verge of marrying his boyfriend. As they are house hunting, it becomes clear that Amin will have to exorcise the demons of his past before he can really feel at home anywhere. He tells his old friend, director Jonas Poher Rasmussen, the true story of how he ended up in Denmark. His family fled the Taliban to post-Soviet Russia. Their life was governed by despotic police, the inhuman violence of the human traffickers, helplessness, and fear. The family was torn apart and, in the end, Amin ended up at the Copenhagen airport as an unaccompanied refugee minor.The price he pays for the good life in Denmark was and is the continuous lie about his past. Archival footage breaks up the animated sequences with Amin narrating from off camera. So the personal, subjective memory tale intersects with documentation of a global history that came apart at the seams. The film is a journey through the visual regime of memory in search of self.

Director Jonas Poher Rasmussen

Screenplay Jonas Poher Ramussen

Producer Monica Hellström, Charlotte De La Gournerie, Signe Byrge Sørensen

Production Company Final Cut for Real Aps, Forbindelsesvej 7, 2100 Kopenhagen, Mail: info@final-cut.dk, Web: www.finalcutforreal.dk

World Sales Cinephil, 18 Levontin Street, 6511207 Tel Aviv, Mail: info@cinephil.co.il, Web: www.cinephil.com

Cast Daniel Karimyar, Fardin Mijdzadeh, Milad Eskandari, Belal Faiz, Elaha Faiz, Zahra Mehrwarz


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