The Middle Man

The Middle ManThe Middle Man - Ein Unglück kommt selten allein

Competition Narrative Films, Norway / Canada / Germany / Denmark / Sweden 2021, 95 Min., engl. OV, ger. st

Karmack is a strange place, somewhere in the American Midwest, that seems to be cut off from the rest of the world and where fatal accidents happen all the time. So many, in fact, that the city is planning to hire someone to be the bearer of bad news, and Frank Farrelli is the man chosen for the job. Thirty-something Frank has been unemployed since the local train station was closed years ago. He strives to be conscientious in carrying out his new duties. He has a bespoke black suit made for himself by a tailor who takes measurements by eye. In the office he meets Brenda, who was previously going out with Bob, and the jealous ex ends up beating Farelli’s best friend into a coma during a fight. Then two young women are hit by a train. Events spiral out of control, but the film keeps its cool. Bent Hamer once again demonstrates his strong sense for dark humour, which brings out the humanity in his bizarre heroes and heroines, with all of their shortcomings, instead of making them look like fools.

Director Bent Hamer

Screenplay Bent Hamer

Producer Bent Hamer

Production Company BulBul Film AS, Høyåsvn. 24, 3216 Sandefjord, Mail:, Web:

World Sales The Match Factory GmbH, Domstr. 60, 50668 Köln, Mail:, Web:

Distributor Pandora Film GmbH & Co. Verleih KG, Kleberstr. 3, 63739 Aschaffenburg, Mail:, Web:

Cast Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen (Frank), Nicolas Bro (Pastor), Trond Fausa Aurvåg (Bob), Paul Gross (Sheriff), Don McKellar (Arzt), Tuva Novotny (Blenda), Jim Stark (Bill), Nina Andresen Borud (Franks Mutter), Rossif Sutherland (Steve), Aksel Hennie (Arthur)


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