Tunn is

Tunn isDünnes Eis / Thin Ice

Series, Sweden / Greenland / Iceland 2020, 2 x 45 Min., OV, engl. st

A ministerial meeting of the Arctic Council is underway in Greenland to try to put the final touches to a treaty, long under discussion, that will ban oil drilling in the Arctic region. The lead negotiator, Swedish foreign minister Elsa Engstrøm, is pushing for a resolution, but there are diverging interests at the table. In the middle of the negotiations, a research vessel disappears off the Greenlandic coast, with Elsa’s advisor Viktor on board. Coincidence or conspiracy? While the high-level political haggling enters a second round, help is on the way from Sweden in the form of Viktor’s fearless girlfriend Liv, who is a cop. As the off-key incidents mount up, everyone begins to realise that the negotiations are at best ill-fated. Suddenly, the short-term interests of the individual Arctic Council nations take centre stage. But ultimately, it is the future of the Earth’s population that is at stake. Climate change must be stopped.

Series Creator Lena Endre, Søren Stærmose

Director Cecilie Mosli, Thale Persen, Gudjon Jonsson

Screenplay Jónas Margeir Ingolfsson, Birkir Blær Ingolfsson, Johann Ævar Grímsson

Producer Søren Stærmose, Kidda Rokk

Production Company Yellow Bird Aps, Magasin 1 , 10251 Stockholm, Mail: info@yellowbird.se, Web: www.yellowbird.se

World Sales Banijay Rights, Avonmore Road, W14 8RF London, Web: www.zodiakrights.com

Cast Lena Endre (Elsa Engström), Alexander Karim (Viktor Baker), Bianca Kronlöf (Liv Hermanson), Iben Dorner (Katarina Iversen), Angunnguaq Larsen (Enok Lynge), Nicolas Bro (Martin Overgaard), Nukaka Coster-Waldau (Ina Lynge)


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