A Place to Be

A Place to Be

Filmforum, Germany / Finland / Denmark / Großbritanien 2019, 18 Min., div. OV, ger. st

A story that rises from the depths of the sea and reaches to the vastness of outer space. Moments captured from across the world. Strictly separate, yet interwoven by the text – memories of longing, of war and peace, of love and goodbyes. A look at border-crossing topics that concern humanity across the globe, and a trip to the places of homecoming.

Director Juha Hansen

Screenplay Juha Hansen

Producer Juha Hansen, Jan Sobotka

Production Company Spektral 3000 – Kollektiv für nachhaltige Gestaltung GbR, Süderstraße 114, 20537 Hamburg, Mail: mail@spektral3000.com, Web: www.spektral3000.com

Cast Julia Lauter (Text)

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