Atomkraft Forever

Atomkraft ForeverNuclear Forever

Filmforum, Germany 2020, 94 Min., ger., french OF, dt. UT

Germany has made the decision to phase out nuclear power in 2022. Nuclear is risky, the technology is uncontrollable. Yet the nuclear nightmare continues. Where can we store the untold thousands of tonnes of radioactive waste? How can a contaminated power plant be dismantled? How should the government deal with the fact that Germany’s European neighbours are not only continuing their nuclear power programmes, some even have expansion plans? The one certainty is that the consequences of phasing out nuclear power will be far-reaching and expensive. It will take decades and cost many billions of euros. The film uses calm, observational camerawork to shed light on a topic that continues to be subject of a long and deeply ideological debate. The interwoven episodes show different facets and challenges, always with open curiosity and without judgement. Ultimately, it is the audience that can and must form their own opinion about the madness of nuclear power.

Director Carsten Rau

Producer Carsten Rau, Hauke Wendler

Production Company PIER 53 FilmproduktionCarsten Rau und Hauke Wendler GbR, Clemens-Schultz-Str. 50, 20359 Hamburg, Mail:, Web:

Cast Jörg Meyer, Marlies Philipp, Joachim Vanzetta, Guy Brunel, Isabelle Zaccharie, Dr. Lucas David, Steffen Kanitz, Julia Rienäcker-Burschil, Jochen Stay


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