Sreda gisni (среда жизни)

Sreda gisni (среда жизни)Habitat

Filmforum, Germany 2020, 64 Min., russ., sami OV, ger. st

The Sápmi is the cultural region of the Sami peoples, yet the areas where they settled were never a separate state. Today the region is scattered across four countries. The Sami in Russia live as an ethnic minority and fight for their rights and for recognition of their culture. The film’s protagonists carry the memories of this past life in themselves, some more, some less. They talk about their childhoods, of legends and family stories. They talk about what culture means to them, how strange it feels to some, and the longings it awakens. We observe them going about their everyday lives, in their dining rooms, and at work. The vastness of the landscape is permeated by water, much like the memories that flow smoothly through the worlds they live in. Past and present exist in a world of their own, and yet the gap between yesterday and today can always be felt.

Director Pola Rader

Producer Pola Rader

Production Company HfBK - Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg, Lerchenfeld 2, 22081 Hamburg, Mail:, Web:

Cast Vladimir Selyutin, Ivan Matryokhin, Nikita Ageev, Lyubov Pelkina, Soya Nosova, Ulyana Yulina, Boris Yulin, Alexander Ustinov, Kirill Ustinov, Semyon Yakovlev, Vadik Yakovenko, Alla Vasilyeva, Natasha Samuseva



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