Der Schornsteinsegler

Der SchornsteinseglerThe Chimney Swift

Filmforum, Germany 2020, 5 Min., engl. OV, ger. UT

Sometime in the nineteenth century, a child climbs up a chimney while a bird flies into it to build a nest. It’s an encounter that can only end badly. A British chimney sweep describes his everyday life in which he forces children to work, and yet he’s also talking about himself. It’s a vicious circle from which there seems to be no escape.

Director Frédéric Schuld

Screenplay Frédéric Schuld, Fabian Driehorst

Producer Fabian Driehorst, Frédéric Schuld

Production Company Fabian&Fred, Simon-Von-Utrecht-Str. 85a, 20359 Hamburg, Mail:, Web:

Cast Henry Holland, Joschua Zühlke

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