Eine Travefahrt von Lübeck bis Travemünde

Eine Travefahrt von Lübeck bis TravemündeA Boat Trip from Lübeck to Travemünde

Retrospective, Germany 1921, 6 Min., ger. OV, silent

A boat trip through the fishing grounds of Lübeck’s fishermen, which “ranged from the city waterways down the Trave, including the mouth, the Schlutup and Holz inlets, Dassower Lake, and the Pötenitzer inlet, all the way to the Bay of Lübeck. The high salt content of the Trave means that the waters are full of seawater fish such as herring and cod. But industrialisation takes its toll. As early as the 1920s, the fishermen noticed a drop in the number of herring in the Trave. The blamed the blast furnace plant erected in 1907 across from Schlutup”. (Stefanie Hose: Küstenfischerei im Wandel, 2003)

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