Zirņa bērni

Zirņa bērniErbsenkinder / Pea Children

Children´s and Youth Films, Latvia 2020, 14 Min., 6 years and older

Eight little pea children in their comfy pod are set upon by a ravenous worm. Fleeing from its greedy mouth, they end up exploring their home turf. Their garden turns out to be a wondrous world full of danger and surprises, odd figures, but also endearing fellow travellers … A musical outing through the seasons in nature.

Director Dace Rīdūze

Screenplay Dace Rīdūze

Producer Māris Putniņš

Production Company Animacijos studija, Kalvariju 196-58, 08201 Vilnius

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No screenings are available for this film.