Du gamla, Du fria

Du gamla, Du friaLand der Freien / Land of the Free

Nordic Shorts, Sweden 2020, 11 Min., sw. OV, engl. st

As their friends take a night swim in a lake, two boys are making out in a field on the shore. When they hear passers-by laughing, they’re incensed. The situation threatens to escalate. Homophobia in the “land of the free”? The director placed these unforgiving adversaries in very close cinematic quarters they cannot escape, making it all the more difficult to defuse the situation.

Director Dawid Ullgren

Screenplay Dawid Ullgren

Producer Alina Rydbeck, Manne Indahl

Production Company Crisp Film AB, Sigtunagatan 3, 11322 Stockholm, Mail: info@crispfilm.se, Web: https://www.crispfilm.se/

Festival Contact Swedish Film Institute, Borgvaegen 1-5, 10525 Stockholm, Mail: registrator@sfi.se, Web: www.sfi.se

Cast Razmus Nyström, Samuel Astor, Carlos Romero Cruz, Björn Elgerd, Jessica Liedberg, Jonatan Blode

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