Pirmais tilts

Pirmais tiltsDie erste Brücke / The First Bridge

Nordic Shorts, Latvia 2020, 12 Min., no dialogue

In poetic black-and-white images, the film explores the Kraslava Bridge, which crosses the Western Dvina River. The river – in Latvian, Daugava; in Belarusian, Dswina – runs along the border between Belarus and Latvia, simultaneously separating and connecting the two countries ... Filmed on 35mm Kodak film stock that was acquired in 1997 and still intact in 2018!

Director Laila Pakalnina

Screenplay Laila Pakalnina

Producer Laila Pakalnina

Production Company Hargla Company, Valtaiku 19, 1029 Riga, Mail: laila.pakalnina@inbox.lv

Festival Contact National Film Centre of Latvia, 10 Peitavas Str., 1050 Riga, Mail: nfc@nkc.gov.lv, Web: http://nkc.gov.lv/en/


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