Päätös n:o 30001

Päätös n:o 30001Entscheidung Nr. 30001 / Verdict 30001: The Cookies

Nordic Shorts, Finland 2020, 9 Min., fin. OV, engl. st

The average adult makes around 35,000 decisions a day. But how do they get made? This film reveals the inner-workings of a supermarket customer who wants to buy a box of cookies. This, however, leads to disaccord in his subconscious – which then escalates into armed conflict.

Director Henna Välkky, Samuel Häkkinen

Screenplay Henna Välkky, Samuel Häkkinen

Producer Ville Sivonen

Production Company Silent Paprika Films, Haukilahdenkatu 2 B, 00550 Helsinki, Mail: mail@silentpaprikafilms.com, Web: http://www.silentpaprikafilms.com

Cast Arne Nylander, Eija Kyllönen, Panu Mikkola, Tiia Louste, David Kozma (Kommittee), Olli Riipinen (Simo)


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