Explosionen av en badring

Explosionen av en badringDie Explosion eines Baderings / The Explosion of a Swimming Ring

Nordic Shorts, Finland 2019, 10 Min., sw. OV, engl. st

A family of three spends the day at a waterpark. As the parents start discussing and then begin arguing about how to spend the rest of the holiday, their unattended seven-year-old daughter disappears unnoticed into thin air. A family tragedy that takes place in real time with a single camera shot.

Director Tommi Seitajoki

Screenplay Tommi Seitajoki

Producer John Lundsten, Melli Maikkula

Production Company TACK Films, Anjalantie 1-9 D 34, 00550 Helsinki, Mail: info@tackfilms.fi, Web: tackfilms.fi

Cast Alma Pöysti (Linda), Elmer Bäck (Jacke), Elwa Höglund (Liv)


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