Dem Leben entgegen – Kindertransporte nach Schweden

Dem Leben entgegen – Kindertransporte nach SchwedenKindertransports to Sweden

Competition Documentaries, Sweden / Austria 2019, 94 Min., sw., ger. OV, ger. st

This documentary is the story of four Jewish children who were sent to Sweden in 1939 as part of a “kindertransport” (“child transport”), a way for parents to evacuate their children alone to escape the Nazi regime. Those now-elderly children still live with feelings of loss, loneliness, deracination, and guilt. Tens of thousands of children were evacuated on kindertransports, 500 of them to Sweden, and most of them never saw their parents again. Some 80 years later, survivors talk about a neglected chapter in the story of Jewish suffering. The subjects are valuable witnesses, branded by processing the horror, who will soon be silent forever. Director Gülseren Şengezer says, “on account of my own personal history, with the massacre of many relatives, the long history of persecution of the Jews has always touched me. I am also interested in how political circumstances affect the life of individuals”.

Director Gülseren Şengezer

Screenplay Gülseren Şengezer

Producer Gülseren Şengezer

Production Company SO BÊ-FILM AB, Varfågelvägen 1, 12352 Stockholm, Mail:, Web:

Distributor GMfilms, Varziner Str. 3, 12159 Berlin, Mail:, Web:

Cast Hans Wiener, Herta Lichtenstein, Elise Reifeisen-Hallin, Gertraud Fletzberger


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