The Animated Story of Jenny Lind

The Animated Story of Jenny LindThe Animated Story of Jenny Lind – A Swedish Nightingale

Competition Documentaries, Sweden 2020, 58 Min., engl. version

She was THE Voice of the 19th century – Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind (1820-1887). She was venerated as a prima donna assoluta in both Europe and the USA. She counted among her admirers Hans Christian Andersen, Frederic Chopin, and Felix Mendelssohn, and Queen Victoria was a good friend. The film retraces Lind’s rise from a gloomy childhood to become one of the world’s first superstars. It also explores behind the scenes of her unprecedented career – the philanthropist who was so idolised in public concealed a woman who, in private, was often disappointed … Using a mix of live-action and animation, the actors and singers play in front of painted and sketched backdrops. Among the cast is celebrated soprano Malin Byström, who lends her own peerless voice to the figure of the “Swedish nightingale”.

Director Ditte Feuk

Screenplay Ditte Feuk

Producer Ditte Feuk

Production Company SVT - Sveriges Television, Oxenstiermsgatan 26-34, 10510 Stockholm, Web:

World Sales C-Major Entertainment GmbH, Meerscheidtstr. 8, 14057 Berlin, Web:

Cast Malin Byström, Magda Wirdefeldt Fransén, Annie Ternström, Thomas Hampson (Erzähler), The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra


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