Competition Documentaries, Greenland / Sweden 2019, 13 Min., dan., greenl. OV, engl. st

On Jan. 30th, 1959, Danish freighter MS Hans Hedtoft collided with an iceberg off the coast of Greenland. The ship, which was on its maiden voyage, quickly sank. The lives of all 95 crew and passengers onboard were lost in the wintery night … Among the dead was Danish parliamentarian Augo Lynge and his grandson, Per Kunuk Lyberth-Lynge, is key to the film as he tells the story of the greatest tragedy in Greenland’s maritime history.

Director Inuk Jørgensen

Screenplay Inuk Jørgensen, Per Kunuk Lyberth-Lynge

Producer Inuk Jørgensen

Cast Per Kunuk Lyberth-Lynge

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