Lauluja Rakkauselokuva

Lauluja RakkauselokuvaHymne an die Liebe / Still Into You

Competition Documentaries, Finland 2020, 70 Min., fin. OV, engl. st

A look at people in the autumn of their lives. In Anu Kuivalainen’s documentary about love in old age, the nine people she follows are all over 70. Two heterosexual and one gay couple, as well as three single women speak openly about their past love lives and their current desires. “Enjoy as long as you can” says the one, while the other exclaims “be alive!”. But not everyone can still fell trees or lift weights at that age. The sensitive images in this film illustrate how the fragility of the elderly body puts a strain on a partner too, and how for survivors of a deceased partner, the pain of separation is ever present. The narratives are bolstered by the participants singing songs about the joy of love and desire – songs that resonate with the sorrow of an ending that is never far away.

Director Anu Kuivalainen

Screenplay Anu Kuivalainen

Producer Marianne Mäkelä

Production Company BonsaiFilms Oy, Porekuja 5 A 10, 00870 Helsinki

World Sales Raina Film Festival Distribution, Punatulkuntie 3 A 3, 00730 Helsinki, Mail:

Cast Ahti & Pavo, Sirkka & Yki, Pirjo & Risto, Raija, Ritva, Maricca & Antti


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