BedreDie Grube / The Pit

Competition Narrative Films, Latvia / Finland 2020, 108 Min., latv. OV, engl. st

Markuss lives with his grandma in the country, where he doesn't have any friends. When he mistreats a neighbouring girl, the whole village turns against him, and even his grandmother takes a stricter line. Markuss, whose father was an artist, finds solace in painting. He finds "Sailor" living in a barn in the forest, a man whom Markuss's father once helped in installing a stained glass window. Markuss befriends him – and as they complete his father’s work of art, he learns some family secrets ... In her screen adaptation of short stories by Jana Egle, director Dace Pūce brings great empathy to the story of the emotional torment of a ten-year-old who feels rejected and misunderstood by the world around him. She exhibits a deep understanding of her young, defiant hero, who almost breaks under the uncaring, selfish, and even brutal adult world.

Director Dace Pūce

Screenplay Dace Pūce, Monta Gāgane, Pēteris Rozītis, nach Geschichten von Jana Egle

Producer Kristele Pudane, Elina Zazerska

Production Company Marana Productions, Brīvības iela 84, 1001 Riga, Mail:, Web:

World Sales TVCO International Distribution, Via Buccari 16, 00195 Rom, Mail:, Web:

Cast Damir Onackis (Markuss), Dace Eversa (Solveiga), Indra Burkovska (Seemann) Egons Dombrovskis (Roberts), Tomass Tiliks (Renars), Luize Birkenberga (Emilija),Agata Buzek (Smaida), Inese Kucinska-Lauksteine (Sandra), Edijs Klavs (Kristians)


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