MagnusMagnus E1-3

Series, Norway 2018, 6 x 30 Min., norw. OV, engl. st

His colleagues wrinkle their noses and feel ashamed when they have to work with Magnus. He asks too many stupid questions, stands around cluelessly, or stumbles and accidentally destroys important evidence. Pity alone seems to keep his job safe. When he is suspended from duty, but nevertheless begins to investigate undercover, he is joined by a depressed colleague and a bullied neighbourhood boy. Magnus now wants to prove to everyone that there is more to him than what they all think. Using his seventh sense, he begins following the clues in the unusual case and soon encounters supernatural powers, such as are found only in Norwegian mythology – trolls have their fingers in the pie! Inspector Clouseau meets “Stranger Things” when Magnus, with more or less skill, investigates his way past his colleagues.

Series Creator Vidar Magnussen

Director Geir Henning Hopland

Screenplay Rolf-Magne Andersen, Vidar Magnussen

Producer Anders Tangen

Production Company Viafilm AS, Mail:, Web:

Cast Vidar Magnussen (Magnus), Pål Rønning (Dan), Tim Ahern (Gerald), Preben Hodneland (Geir), Lars Berge (Robert), Halvard Holmen (Lars), Siren Jørgensen (Edna), Anette Hoff Larsen (Charlotte)


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