Kapsalon Romy

Kapsalon RomyRomys Salon / Romy’s Salon

Filmforum, Netherlands / Germany 2019, 91 Min., dutch OV, engl. st, FSK 0, 8 years and older

Romy is ten years old and lives with her mother in a small village in the Netherlands. Her parents recently separated, and Romy's mother works all the time. So Romy spends every day after school with her grandmother, Stine, usually helping her out at her hair salon. But lately, Grandma's different – she forgets a lot, suddenly starts speaking Danish, and keeps talking about her childhood in Denmark and the sea. Romy gives her grandma all the support she can, in part to make sure that no one notices anything. Then Grandma Stine shows up in the salon wearing only her nightgown, and it becomes clear that the situation cannot continue. Stine is put in a nursing home, but Romy doesn’t think she’s doing well there. The young girl decides to travel with the older woman to the beach of Stine’s childhood memories one more time – an adventurous journey that also takes them through northern Germany.

Director Mischa Kamp

Screenplay Tamara Bos, nach ihrem gleichnamigen Roman

Producer Bunny Bos, Eefje Smulders

Production Company BOSBROS B.V., Mail: info@bosbros.com, Web: www.bosbros.com

Distributor Farbfilm Verleih GmbH, Mail: info@farbfilm-verleih.de, Web: www.farbfilm-verleih.de

Cast Vita Heijmen (Romy), Beppie Melissen (Stine), Noortje Herlaar (Margot), Guido Pollemans (Willem)

Website www.romyssalon.de


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