VectēvsDer Großvater / The Grandfather

Children´s and Youth Films, Latvia 2019, 14 Min., latv. OV, engl. st, ger. voice over, 10 years and older

During the apple harvest, Emilia discovers three newborn kittens in her grandfather’s barn. But the farm already has two cats. Emilia has exactly one day to save the kittens from death. She has to find people who are willing to adopt them … The film plausibly depicts how even a seemingly sheltered childhood can be subject to an existential plight.

Director Agnese Laizane

Screenplay Agnese Laizane, Alise Zarina

Producer Agnese Laizane

Cast Emilija Mederdeva (Emilia), Juris Bartkevics (Großvater)

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