MC Landeböön

MC LandeböönDiva of Finland

Children´s and Youth Films, Finland / Norway 2019, 89 Min., fin. OV, engl. st, 14 years and older

On her 18th birthday, Henna gets her driving license, along with a new fellow student at school. Silja has moved from the south to this northern hick town, which Henna herself would love to escape sooner rather than later – preferably as a star of the reality show “Diva of Finland”. But first she has one more year of school. And it will be the worst year of her life. It turns out that Silja, who she gets on with at first, performs rap songs on YouTube and has 5,000 followers. Worse, everyone at school idolises her. In a stupid accident, Henna is blinded – in the strict sense of the term – by jealousy. At the New Year’s Eve party, she enters into a desperate deceit intended to ruin Silja’s reputation … In her debut film, director Maria Veijalainen luxuriates in letting the rivalry between two more or less best enemies escalate, until they finally realise that life is not a musical reality show.

Director Maria Veijalainen

Screenplay Maria Veijalainen

Producer Mika Ritalahti, Niko Ritalahti, Egikl Ødegård

Production Company Silva Mysterium Oy, Web:

Festival Contact The Finnish Film Foundation, Mail:, Web:

Cast Suvi-Tuuli Teerinkoski (Henna), Linda Manelius (Silja), Jutta Myllykoski (Iris), Sonja Sippala (Ii), Lauri Tilkanen (Herman Blade), Meri Nenonen (Siljas Mutter), Mikko Neuvonen (Sami)


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