Hugo & Holger

Hugo & Holger

Children´s and Youth Films, Denmark 2019, 14 Min., dan. OV, ger. voice over, 4 years and older

Hugo very much wants a dog. Ideally, it would be a big dog, so he could see it, since Hugo’s eyesight is unfortunately very bad. Holger is a baby elephant. But when Hugo sees him in the window of a pet store, he takes him for a big puppy, the one he’s always longed for. Despite additional misunderstandings, the encounter is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Director Teddy Halkier Kristiansen

Screenplay Oscar K.

Producer Louise Barkholt

Production Company Wil Film ApS, Mail:, Web:

Festival Contact Danish Film Institute, Mail:, Web:

Cast Teddy Halkier Kristiansen (Erzähler)

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