Eriks Krig

Eriks KrigEriks Krieg / Erik’s War

Children´s and Youth Films, Denmark 2019, 17 Min., dan. OV, engl. st, ger. voice over, 12 years and older

Denmark under German occupation. Erik lives with his father on a small farm. When Erik’s dog runs away while playing and is seized by German soldiers, Erik decides to get the dog back despite his father’s protestations – with fatal consequences … A historical drama that depicts the violence of war without needing to show the horrors of combat.

Director William Sehested Høeg

Screenplay Thor Wissing Lange

Producer William Juul Aastrup, William Sehested Høeg

Production Company Beofilm, Mail:, Web:

Cast Sander Herstad Lauridsen (Erik), Joachim Fjelstrup (Jens), Morten Holst (Peter), Paul Triller (Max)

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