Nordic Shorts, Norway 2018, 15 Min., russ. OV, engl. st

A boat trip leads a woman along a rugged, snow-covered coast, to a poignant singing performance – and the audience into an archive that contains film documents of the history of Finnmark, a county in northern Norway … The surreal portrait of a breathtaking landscape that bore the brunt of a violent past. A reminder of the time of German occupation.

Director Knut Erik Jensen

Screenplay Knut Erik Jensen

Producer Aleksander Olai Korsnes

Production Company Rein Film AS, Mail:, Web:

Festival Contact Norwegian Film Institute, Mail:, Web:

Cast Lilly Jørstad (Frau), Per Kjerstad (Mann), Ellinor Haug Jensen (Mädchen), Kristian Johansen (Junge)

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