Vihollinen sisälläni

Vihollinen sisälläniDer Feind in mir / The Enemy Within Me

Nordic Shorts, Finland 2019, 7 Min., fin. OV, engl. st

Cutting and self-harm are a worldwide phenomenon of today’s youth. In this film, a young woman tells the story of her self-inflicted cuts and scars … A film that gets under your skin.

Director Milja Viita

Screenplay Milja Viita

Producer Veli Granö

Festival Contact The Finnish Film Foundation, Mail:, Web:

Cast Shanya Destoudo-Cherchel, Josefina Mäki, Laura Parkkinen, Elsa Peltonen, Hiski Salo, Loa Salo, Jasmin Siltala, Vilma Virtanen, Rosa Lehtiö

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