All Inclusive

All Inclusive

Nordic Shorts, Finland 2019, 15 Min., finn. OV, engl. st

Kalervo is a put-upon, intimidated, powerless employee whom nobody takes seriously. He’s bullied by his colleagues and cheated on by his wife. But then Annukka, the woman who secretly loves him, gives him a gift that changes everything … A short film about a male self-empowerment fantasy and its fatal consequences.

Director Teemu Nikki

Screenplay Teemu Nikki

Producer Jani Pösö, Teemu Nikki

Production Company It's Alive Films Oy, Mail:, Web:

World Sales Premium Films, Mail:, Web:

Festival Contact The Finnish Film Foundation, Mail:, Web:

Cast Lauri Maijala (Kalervo), Hannamaija Nikander (Annukka), Maija Rissanen (Vaimo), Santtu Karvonen (Anssi)


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