Jään vetovoima

Jään vetovoimaEisreflektionen / Reflecting Ice

Competition Documentaries, Finland 2019, 29 Min., finn., engl., russ. OV, engl. st

The ice dance couple Olesia Karmi and Max Lindholm can look back at a successful career. After the end of their professional life together, Max starts studying sports and Olesia teaches young ice skaters. They both have to get used to being away from the spotlight of competition … For anyone who has such a colourful life as the two skaters, the everyday humdrum must look very black and white.

Director Nina Forsman

Screenplay Nina Forsman

Producer Niina Virtanen, Pasi Hakkio

Production Company Wacky Tie Films, Mail: info@wackytie.fi, Web: www.wackytie.fi

Cast Olesia Karmi, Max Lindholm

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