Berlins Brandvesen

Berlins BrandvesenBerliner Brandbekämpfung / Firefighting in Berlin

Specials, Norway 1925, 7 Min., silent

Berlin’s fire department practises fighting fires. This documentary shows new equipment and techniques, like the firefighter’s helmet that shoots water, allowing the men to extinguish flames right at the source of the fire, and the hose on a telescoping crane, which can fight flames from a great height. With live accompaniment by music students from Lübeck and La Rochelle.

The Cine Concert project is a cooperation between the Lübeck college of music and art, the Festival La Rochelle Cinéma in Lübeck’s partner city in France, and the Nordische Filmtage Lübeck; sixteen young musicians from Germany and France have jointly composed music to accompany silent films that will be presented at both festivals. The project receives financial support from the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO).

Director Hans Berge

Producer Hans Berge

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