Competition Narrative Films, Iceland / France / Switzerland 2019, 79 Min., icel. OV, engl. st

A black man on a sunbed bemoaning the darkness of Iceland; an old house burnt down instead of paying to renovate; police dragging refugees out of a church asylum; wage fraud on a construction site; methadone dispensed to an addict; meat inspection at a beauty contest; the needy playing Monopoly – and family stress playing out again and again! In 56 mini-dramas, director Rúnar Rúnarsson (“Volcano”, “Sparrows”) bears witness to harsh changes in the social climate. His minimalistic film miniatures, in which the tragic and the banal, the comic and the melancholic are closely intertwined, take a merciless look at the social division and glaciation of Iceland. Even if, at the end of the film, a newborn (“A little miracle!”) offers hope for a brighter future, Rúnarsson draws a sobering conclusion: Iceland is sailing through rough waters!

Director Rúnar Rúnarsson

Screenplay Rúnar Rúnarsson

Producer Live Hide, Lilja Ósk Snorradóttir, Rúnar Rúnarsson

Production Company Pegasus Pictures, Mail:, Web:

World Sales Jour2Fête, Web:

Festival Contact Icelandic Film Centre, Mail:, Web:

Cast mehr als 100 Mitwirkende


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